Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visit # 543 to Topshop

The Oxford Circus Topshop is like a drug, you have to keep going back for your fix of four floors of fashion heaven. Today's mission: Topshop pedicures. Pedicures in England involve reading smutty UK gossip magazines where they have such fine literary sections as "Better than Becks." People submit photos of their friends that they think are better looking than David Beckham. Then magazine readers can vote online if the bloke is indeed better than Becks. I think this is a recipe for a self esteem disaster because even if the bloke comes close to looking like Becks, he most definitely would not have access to the entire Victoria Beckham (er, Ronald Mouret) dress collection and thus lose a lot of votes. Unfortunately the online poll does not
allow you to vote on whether or not the bloke has a more manly voice than Becks. Other things learned during the pedicure: tank tops are called vests, Tesco has a clothing line and Katy Perry and Rihanna are friends. The pedicure was fab, especially the foot massage. It managed to remove the remains of Italy, tube dirt and any sign of cankles. Sigh, Topshop. Of course we shopped on the way out of the store too.

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