Friday, September 10, 2010

I hope I can catch an eagle home because I don't think I can make the return journey on my own.

I ride my bike to work. My bike is awesome. Its a 1972 Raleigh Lenton Ladies Cruiser. I love it so much - its just off white with red accents, mint condition - the fenders aren't even dented - has a nifty bell and I plan on getting a wicker basket for the front handlebars. Its classic, always gets compliments.

This morning I was hit by a car turning right, and ended up eating pavement in a decidedly unladylike fashion in a very busy intersection. Its funny the things you think about as you flail and struggle and inevitably crash then slide along the pavement. I thought about Lord of the Rings.

While a man rushed out and brought my bike to the curb, and another man helped me stand up, I just stood there, barefoot, in the middle of King Street, turning my hands over and over, wondering if I needed a stitch in the giant gash on my finger, and marveling at how they looked EXACTLY like Frodo's hands when he fights Gollum on Mount Doom and Gollum bites off his finger (it was the same hand and man, was my finger ever bleeding) Dirty, bloody, scraped, possibly a digit down...

Apparently I was in shock. I hope my bikes ok. I wonder if I could swing an emergency dentist visit out of this?

I tried to find a better image. This artist's rendition is as good as it gets.

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  1. I just whispered into a butterfly's ear that you needed a ride. Giant Eagle on its way.
    Also, you really are the queen of 'adult falls', even though i know this classifies as a 'motor-vehicle accident' it just made me think of all the times you fell at VANOC. A montage set to "the Cars"- who's gonna drive you home.


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