Thursday, October 07, 2010

The next adventure in Vancouver cuisine

The Beaver & Mullet, Canadian Bistro, Opening soon on Denman (near Davie). 

I drove by it and burst out laughing, so ya, I'll probably give it a shot if I'm in the neighbourhood (which I won't be; leaving my Yaletown bubble is scary).

I'm not really sure what Canadian cuisine is, and by the sounds of it, neither does the chef.  We will forgive him because he's from New Brunswick and those Maritimers are often confused.  Perusing the menu I see quiche (french), Brats (German), Montreal smoked meat (fine, Canadian), buttermilk biscuits (English) and Spanish tapas.

The website also states that, "due to our unique ovens, nothing at the Beaver & Mullet is ever fried" - so... a regular oven?

Actually, you know what would be a really unique Canadian meal? Fried beaver.

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