Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terminal 1 vs. Terminal 3

BBM Chat. 11:57pm

J, R

J : Luggage? Are you even here?
R : Um ya. I'm here. Sure
R : No idea
J : If you're still on the plane just get him to drop you off at my place
R : Con air style
J : Clearly he's landing at the wrong airport
R : Just on the strip. Whatever
J : Lol, just put that baby down on bloor street
R : Lolololol
R : K out
R : Where do I go?
J : Yesssss
J : Get your luggage, then your funnelled thru a set of sliding doors
J : You'll see me

R : Yup
R : Out
R : Ummmm I'm out
J : Where?
R : Am I at the WRONG AIRPORT!?!!!!
J : I don't see anyone?
R : I see tim hortons
J : Did you get your luggage?
R : Yes
R : Do we not recognize each other
R : Did you make a sign
J : I'm so confused!
R : Domestic arrivals?
J : Are you outsidde?
R : No
J : Ok
J : There is a WestJet customer service desk

R : Are u?
J : Set of sliding doors right beside it
J : Other side of doors

R : No
J : Hold up
J : Your in zone B
J : Wait
J : So am I apparently

R : Really. Really.
J : Don't move
J : I think I know where you are
J : I only pretend to exist here
R : I'm on bottom level
J : Me too
R : Make sure domestic
R : Someone said you're probablt at international
R : I'm acting confused
J : I think I might be actually
J : I'm such an idiot

R : >:O
R : I'm walking
J : I just asked a man
J : He said i'm at the right gate
J : Ppl are coming out!
J : Its the only door!
R : There's a tim hortons to the left of door
R : Where I came out
R : Straight ahead is the street
R : No westjet
R : There's like 15 people
R : None are you
R : door A
R : Are we having a standoff
J : I'm asking!
J : I'm on my way!
R : Where were u?
J : I'm in the wrong terminal
R : Ummmm
R : Seriously?!!??
R : Same girl just asked "is she at the wrong terminal"
R : Trip ruined
R : Pug. Doesn't matter
J : Soooo
J : I'm taking your silence as critism
J : I'm in the right terminal now!

R : This girl is still here
R : Judging
R : Who the hell are you waiting for anyways
R : Oh no wait she's gone. New girl
R : Nondescript
R : Juussstttt me
J : I see the Tim's! Pedro guided me.

End time: 12:33am

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