Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No more president's wife hair

D is obsessed with Lauren Conrad hair.  Every time we have a dress up occasion she brings it up.

Now we can all learn from the master with her beauty blog: The beauty department.

It comes complete with step by step and video Tutorials (some featuring Conrad herself).  Including her everyday wave and the milk maid braid.

Definitely going to scour it for bridesmaid hair ideas. This perhaps?  Might not be my style.  More this

via: people.com


  1. I do love LC's hair. Also Blake Lively and the Duchess also have locks I seriously envy. Rachel McAdams too. When I make my first million, I'm getting extensions and a full time hair stylist. Until then, it's Lady Bird Johnson hair every time I try to put rollers in.

  2. D you have great hair! Sigh. Growing it out is hard. In two more years my hair will finally be long enough to pull off the ballerina bun like I want to. I am actually legit looking into extensions in the interim...


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