Friday, December 09, 2011

In the Year 2000....

.... PatCat will enter the 20th century by finally obtaining a cell phone, learn how to text, and thus find one more way to communicate with her offspring on a constant, unrelenting basis...

10:37 am: Text from xxx-xxx-xxxx: Hi all using my new phone number will be the same but may take a little while to transfer from telus.temporary number issorry don't know how to do numbers

10:38 am: R: Thx. Who is this?

10: 39 am: PC: Your mother

10:40 am: R: How in the world is anyone supposed to know that?

10:41 am: Phone call from PC to discuss this. Then she asks me to read the number back to her that it showed up from.  I can't do this because she called me on my cell from her office line.  Then she said it's a temporary number only which really boggles my mind why she would mass broadcast that number.

10:46 am: PC (mass text): R says your won't know it's me this is from your mother  blast, no exclamation mark and no capitals.

10:50 am: PC: This is very exciting did u ever think i would be able to text  where's the question mark ¿ I JUST FOUND THE CAPITALS

10:54 am: R: How did you find the upside down question mark but not the regular one?

10:54 am: R: [Trying to appeal to the super cheap asian side of her] You pay per text so you should probably limit yourself.

11:02 am: PC: I just lost a long message is there a limit to the size/length of messages?

11:03 am: PC: I think I have UNLIMITED international texting!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:08 pm: R: Great, text me on xmas

1:11 pm: PC: What do you mean? Do i just do it the same way???? don't know how to send pictures

1:39 pm: R: I will regret telling you this, but yes, just text the regular way.

1:40 pm: PC: So I can't text you anytime? And it's Free? What about roaming charges?

I repeat, this is really another annoying way that she can now reach us.  We did force her into is as I found out my sisters screen every single call.  First born guilt makes me answer.

PS: Sister update at 12:37 pm: How many texts have you gotten from mom already?

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