Sunday, June 03, 2012

Check yourself

At drunch as few weeks ago, I insisted that R and I do a summer bucket list to make sure we took advantage of the summer. Especially because this summer, we would have a lot more free time on our hands at the beginning, compared to last year.

So today I decided to take a peek at how we were doing and found the original list from my trusty smart phone:

Sangria Completed
Reflections at Hotel Georgia
Golf lessons
Play a round of golf
Swim in ocean
Food truck Fridays
Magic Mike
Bao Bei

Most of them make some sober sense now, except for "swim in ocean". Were we actually going to do that in Vancouver? In any event, now we have to do it because it's on the list. San Diego, anyone?


  1. Loophole: I will swim in the ocean at Savary!
    I do not remember creating this list. Good drunch indeed.

  2. Yeah and upon looking at this list, it's pretty lame. We may need to re-do it because it is definitely missing the item where we spend all summer perfecting Game of Thrones braids.


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