Friday, December 28, 2012

My first report

By popular request*

Let's get in our time machine and go way back to 25 years ago (eek!):

Oh, this is going to be so good.
I thought they should have brought back Hidy and Howdy for 2010. Best Hats. Best Mascots.
Note: Curling was only a demonstration sport in 1988, but for accuracy and completeness, I gave it a mention.
How awkward or amazing would it be if this was a photo of the torchbearer that carried the flame into the stadium? 
Advertising works.
I can't even make this stuff up, these are the people feeding the Olympic spirit.
A+ on this one.

While we are at it, we might as well just re-live this too (start at 4:12 if you just want the best parts):

Ah-mazing. Life-changing if you were 8 years old.

 *And by popular I mean, a request of only me.

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