Monday, May 13, 2013

Game of Thrones: Season 3, Ep 7

R: I suspect that this episode will reveal that Pod and Bronn are part of a male brothel Tyrion started as master of coin
R: First question. How did they get down from the wall?
R: The warg is played by captain jack sparrow
R: Ewwww robb stark sex scene
J: So beige
J: Bum double
R: She's writing a note in invisible ink!
R: (Urine)
R: To Tywin. Because that's the only other letter writer I know
R: Pen pals
J: Owls
J: Everyone else just wargs to each other
R: Margaery is the best wingman ever
R: "Oh ya. Tyrion's super hot."
J: She might be my fave character
J: Total enabler
R: Its too bad ipad's weren't invented back then
R: Sitting on the iron throne would be dull
J: And cold
R: Well I count 8 bonfires.
J: Tywin is so badass
R: Except has the worst intel ever.
R: Re: dragons
J: 'Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet'
J: Slash in Talisa's letters
R: That twitter post was deleted!
R: Screencap that sh*t "You call this a dragon? #baby #nofire"
R: "This post has been removed as the author is dead... Via dragon"
J: I'm really digging the new set of balls she has
J: And her 39 word title
J: Next time I have to intro myself at a meeting I'm gonna drop some 'J of house Macdonell, daughter of Liz and Eric, lady of Winnipeg, mother of Rozzy'
R: 'Step mother to BB'
J: 'Bb the puking cat of house Beck'
[Sidenote: Accurate depiction of me visiting J's house for the first time and meeting BB the cat:]

R: I love that during war she still has a boudoir on the go. Chaise lounge. Steps.
J: I love that he uncle is doing Robb and Catelyn a favor by marrying a hag and she still insults him 'frye wanted a king'
J: (Side eye)
R: I know!! And the gratuitous PDA with his self-selected hot wife
J: Just rubbing some salt on the wound
R: Did they replace the fire witch with a hot actress?
J: She's aging backwards to get with the true heir
R: Too bad they didn't get the rights to "teenage dirtbag" to play over arya's scenes
R: So rebellious "oh ya! I hate your god! I love satan!"
J: Such a brat
J: Then she puts posters of Marilyn Manson up on her cave walls
J: Is it weird that I think one eye is kinda hot? 
J: Maybe it's because he's even more bald than H (as in his skull is actually poking through the gash on his head)
J: Are you at Brienne and Jamie yet?
R: Cracckkkkkkkk
R: You mean tilda swinton?
J: I mean Tom Andersson in a pink dress
R: O
R: M
R: G
R: Nailed it
J: I am SO OVER the Theon storyline
J: This whole panting scene is OBSCENE. I've watched porn that's less awkward. They have Brazilian waxes in westeros?
R: Tonks dreamed a dream in time gone by....
J: Bran breaks into Castle on a cloud
J: Robb and co into One day more
J: Stannis sings Empty chairs and empty tables
R: Brienne launches into Own my own
J: Bronn into Master of the house
R: I am a soothsayer
R: Slash it's Anchorman
J: Wooden sword
J: Trident

R: Omg this is so tense
J: The cgi bear killed me
J: I was screaming at the TV like the bear was the Bruins and Brienne was the Leafs
J: Also I'm so in love with Jamie Lannister
R: Um yah
R: Cersei aint gonna like this
J: Even if his stump looks like the worms from tremors
J: Cersei get the worst deal
J: At least Tyrion gets a Pretty young thing
J: Jamie gets a woman he's not related to
R: Well she gets the same deal if Jamie goes back. Marry someone else and still sleep with him
J: Not if him and Tom A. realize their love for each other
R: I feel like even if they're just platonic best friends
R: She'll be like "dude? Your sister? (Dos Equis man: NO)"
 J: She'll go Liz lemon dealbreaker on him
J: 'She's your sister. Dealbreaker!'



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